Raja Bomoh dijangka bertanding PRU-14

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Lamborghini’s head designer cites fighter jets, venomous snakes, and spaceships as his team’s inspiration, leaving him just one naked woman shy of completing the ultimate design cliché. That said, this isn’t just the usual design-school fluff. There are actual fangs in the new front-end graphic. A single Aventador wears more half-hexagon air intakes than a billion dollars worth of U.S. Air Force hardware. We’re not exactly sure where spaceships fit in, except that, in person, a Lambo is still a freaking spaceship compared to all other cars. It’s not just the angles and wedges and hexagons—okay, maybe it mostly is about that. But it’s also the basic proportions: the impossibly low roofline, the arrowhead wedge of a nose, and the imposing presence of the business end that boxes the V-12. Of course, that translates to cramped headroom, a forward view directly into the windshield header for tall drivers, and rearward visibility that’s basically nonexistent. But you’re in a Lambo. You buy it not so you can look out at the world, you buy it so the world can look at you. And look they will.